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Miami Posh takes on: Exuma, Bahamas

Need to go on a much needed vacay but don't have the time to go across the globe? No fear, Bahamas is just a hop, skip, and jump away from South Florida. We decided to fulfill another journey on the bucket list by traveling to Exuma. I have seen so many amazing shots, and videos of the amazing island. What can I say, I'm a sucker for clear water and beaches filled with powdered sand. My husband and I decided to stay at Sandals, Emerald Bay. It was an amazing experience. The grounds were impeccable and the amenities throughout the property really were 5-star. It is a adults-only hotel, so make sure to lock in that sitter before booking your trip.

The hotel's private beach is enough to make you stay on grounds the entire time. There is such a tranquil vibe about the beach, but in case you want action- they have several water sports available to use complimentary. The hotel also has an amazing pool (two actually). The have what I like to call the party pool (aka the hot spot) and the "quiet pool". At the quiet pool, they take being quiet very seriously. The main pool is where to be. There's a swim-up bar, music, and cabanas. The cabanas are first come first serve. Secret to the cabanas, is to get there early, set your bags down (your non-valuables of course) and then go back to room. This is extremely helpful day of check out if you have an afternoon flight, and have to check out in the AM.

Don't just stay at the hotel, venture off into town or journey on an excursion. For me, it was all about the infamous White Bay, Sandbar. I have been foaming at the mouth to step foot on the sandbar. Though I know that 'swimming with the pigs' is the top tourist attraction, it wasn't mine. Sadly for me, the only way to get to the sandbar was through the swimming with the pigs excursion. Which would be fine for most people, but the way my anxiety is set up- huge pigs, swine flu, and giant Steve Irwin killing stingrays just didn't do it for me. But, the definition of a line is the distance between two points so what the heck.

I survived the pigs and the "no concept of personal space" sting rays, and finally made it to the Piece de Resistance, the breathtaking sandbar. Before being there in person, I just kept thinking how cool it was gonna be and all the amazing instagram photos that can be taken. But, once there; all I could feel is blessed and without words. It was something that I can't even explain. Te beauty in person surpassed any idea of what I thought it was going to be. This planet really is something special, because that was something out of a true definition of paradise. Nothing short of that. Once I fully took that in, the hubby and I made the trek from the boat to the sandbar. Since it's so shallow, the boat as to dock some ways out and you have to huff it. Once our feet touched the sand again, there was round two of amazement. Imagine to are surrounded by crystal and I do mean CRYSTAL clear waters surrounding 365 degrees of wherever you stand. There's nothing like it.

Do yourself a favor and visit the island of Exuma. It's just a 30-40 min flight from MIA airport and breathtakingly beautiful. As are the people. They have strength, dignity, professionalism, and know how to have a good time. You won't be disappointed. Hey, you might even enjoy swimming with pigs and stingrays in the process.

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