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This planner is jam-packed with all the features of 6 planners combined into one! Just check out our reviews!!! 

Features like: monthly budget, monthly manifestation journal, monthly gratitude journal, birthdays, anniversaries, goals, tasks, notes, and more. There is a yearly calendar, along with monthly view and a weekly/daily page layout. 


* 🌺 12 MONTH PLANNER - Daily planner covered 12 months, Jan 2024 - Dec 2024. Foil hardcover planner featuring colorful tabbed monthly sections with quotes and representation from all ethnicities, monthly and weekly pages with holidays and unique imagery, weekly to-do check list, colorful stickers, "5 wins of the week" section, and note pages to increase work efficiency while feeling accomplished after tackling you tasks. Where posh meets functionality while improving your quality of life.
* 🌺MONTHLY MANIFESTATION JOURNAL - Monthly manifestation journal. Also includes recap section so you can see what manifested the previous month and see your progress.
* 🌺MONTHLY GRATITUDE JOURNAL - Monthly gratitude journal. Write all the things you are grateful for and stay in a constant attitude of gratitude all year long. Help align your mental state with your manifestation requests. 
* 🌺REPRESENTATION - We are inclusive in our imagery as well as our holidays. It is paramount that our product is not only posh but fashionable. We pride ourselves in making sure everyone can feel represented. 
* 🌺 WONDERFUL LAYOUT - The My Posh Planner® by Miami Posh has 3 pages of colorful planner stickers (including a period tracker); Each month has colorful tab dividers with inspirational quotes. Weekly to do pages so you can take important things, and track your productivity.
* 🌺 UNIQUE DESIGN - Measures 5 inches (w) X 7 inches (h) with pink foiled hardcover cover and shiny rose gold spiral. The My Posh Planner is printed with a unique tropical leaves pattern. Durable hardcover for protection.  Quality full color paper, with high-quality writing experience.


Enhancements in the 2024 My Posh Planner® include: 
- Period Tracker (in sticker sheets)
- New weekly win section so you can stay in an attitude of gratitude all week!

- New inspirational quotes each month!


The 2024 My Posh Planner® also includes inclusive imagery and holidays, so that everyone can feel represented while still being a boss. We believe that you can run your empire, stay organized, and look good while doing it.



2024 My Posh Planner® (5x7")

$24.95 Regular Price
$12.48Sale Price
    • Dimensions: 5 inches (w) X 7 inches (h)
    • 3 pages of fun/inspirational/organizational stickers 
    • 162 pages
    • 12 monthly tab dividers
    • Monthly budget sheets
    • Monthly manifestation journal
    • Monthly gratitude journal
    • Birthdays, anniversaries, goals, tasks, notes, and more.
    • There is a yearly calendar, along with monthly view and a weekly/daily page layout. 
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