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Because I'm Happy... Real Estate that is!

Steve Dejean, Real Estate Broker and CEO of Happy Real Estate is South Florida's newest real estate trailblazer. Happy Real Estate is a new company that is making its mark on real estate in South Florida and beyond. This small firm has an interesting vision and mission statement, which is to make the process of purchasing/renting real estate a 'happy' one. It's usually a very stressful process.

Happy Real Estate is filled with several agents that's the primary goal is to make the entire process an enjoyable one. Weird, right! No one really thinks of purchasing a new home or moving as a "fun" or "happy" process. People often place that as one of the top stressful life events such as: getting married, divorce, having a baby, and moving. But, Happy Real Estate (known for their infamous happy face logo) wants their clients to feel like they are in this together. They look for the client's best interest and are always ready and willing to go above and beyond.

See what all the hype is, and check out or for more information.


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